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Whether you want crazy, alcohol fueled hedonism or classy evenings sipping top wines, we think Bangkok's nightlife is hands down the best in the world. We dare you to disagree.
We concede, most of Bangkok's nightlife venues -- especially those outside the designated zones -- shut down way too early. But that doesn't mean Bangkok's nightlife doesn't remain the best in the world. Offerings range from the cheap to the ostentatious, with venues that are able to cater to even the strangest of after-dark whims.

Top 5 Nightlife experience in Bangkok 

1. Muay Thai - is known as the science of the eight limbs because fighters are allowed to use their knees, elbows and chins as well as their fists. The Fight can last for up to five, 3 minute rounds and will be accompanied by traditional music and "Wai Kru" (Paying respect to teachers). 

2. Tram Tour Around - The best way to feel like good old days is to take a tram in the night, the most exclusive and unforgettable starting by having a delicious dinner and then taking a tram which will pass city's best sights such the Golden Mountain, Democracy Monument, Grand Palace, Wat Pho etc ...

3. Cruise tour along - The Chao Phraya River has always been the most important river in the central part. A cruise tour along the legendary river is probably one of the most pleasant ways to explore the city in peaceful atmosphere amidst bustling Bangkok. 
4. China Town - or Yaowarat area is still the most important center for the significant number of Thai Chinese in Bangkok. The atmosphere here has been well preserved. You can find various shops, with food, Chinese herbs or medicines, as well as gold products. 

5. Performing arts at Siam Niramit - The world class performance reflecting Thai cultural heritage which take place on a gigantic stage, is now listed in the Guinness World Records Book, featuring over 150 performers with as many as 500 costumes. Enhanced special effects with the world's most advanced technology are used to produce the inspiring experience.

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