Morning Tiger Temple Tour & Bridge on the River Kwai

The morning program is an exclusive opportunity for small groups of visitors to have an insider’s view into the life of the tigers at Tiger Temple. Interested guests will experience 4 hours of uninterrupted, personal tiger encounters. Guests will have the opportunity to interact one on one with the tigers of various ages and participate in a wide range of tiger activities. In addition, guests will have the opportunity to experience the Buddhist aspects of the temple first hand at breakfast. Guests are encouraged to bring a small food donation to join the offering food to the monks on their alms-round in front of the temple gate and must reach the temple before 7.30 am for start. 

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* note : 12-hour advance for working

05:00 : Pick up from your Bangkok hotel

07:00 : Kanchanaburi Market shopping for Monks Breakfast around 300 Baht each 


07:30 : Waiting for the temple gate, when the monk arrive, giving the pack of foods 

into the alms-bowl of the monks, then pay respect in Thai way or “Wai”. After that 

having breakfast at the Sala (Temple) with the monks, tigers and Thai staff. This 

time is also spent with the youngest of cubs, feeding and playing with them during 


08:30 : Prepare Tigers for showering and feeding the older cubs, followed by walking 

them to the waterfall.

09.00 : Be part of our exercise program as you watch young tigers run free, jumping 

and playing in the waterfall pool with no artificial barriers separating you from the 


10:00 : Participate in washing the cubs after their exercise program, followed by 

going down to the canyon to experience the exercise program for the large tigers.

11:00 : After watching the large tigers play, fight and exercise, you will have a photo 

opportunity walking one of the big tigers out of the canyon. Back to wish the Monks 

farewell & leave temple before insane tourists arrive

11:30 : Say goodbye to yur new friends and explore the rest of tiger temple. A good 

chance to visit the other animals.  

12:00 : Have Lunch and can watch movies of the Tiger Temple and experience some 

Thai Natural Home Products for sale.


Other Options: leave for Wang Po: Elephants, Enjoy Swimming Bathing and 

jungle river trekking with elephants 1000 Baht each (Additional cost), Or just 

elephants Riding 400 Baht each. | Feed Wild Monkeys | River Rafting 300B | 

Kaset Cave now Buddha Cave used as POW’s Hospital ww2 | View Railway 

Trestle Bridge clinging to cliff face,


03:30 : Back to Kanchanaburi walk over the Death Railway Bridge.

04:30 : Leave Kanchanaburi Province for Bangkok

Package Rate 
Person 2 paxs 4 paxs 6 paxs 8 paxs 10 + paxs
Amount 7,950 bht  7,200 bht 6,400 bht 6,300 bht 6,300 bht




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